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The 5 worst excuses for not having a Will.

A Will ensures that your property, capital or belongings are left to the people of your choice, at the time of your death. In many circumstances it can make things a lot easier for your loved ones and put a stop to family disputes after you pass. Despite all this, recent statistics show that almost 70% of the UK population don’t have a Will. We take a look at some of the worst excuses people use for not having a Will – be warned some of them are even more ridiculous than you’d think.

“I’m too young.”

This makes sense, only old people need wills, right? Wrong. Often people think Wills are something you arrange as you get older. However the reality is that if you make a life change such as buying a house, having a child or getting married (which can often happen in your twenties) you need a will to protect your (and your family’s) interests.

“I’m far too busy to arrange a Will.”

A wise person once said you can sleep when you’re dead but you can’t write a will. At Best Solicitors we can help to write your Will from just £120 and in most cases it should take no longer than a couple of hours of your time.

“I don’t own enough to need a Will.”

This is actually one of the most common excuses. Your possessions might not have monetary value but they might have sentimental meaning for your family and friends when they’re gone.  Or, for example, who’s going to look after your prized Pug Percy when you’re gone? Do you really want Percy having to live with your Aunty Carol who hates all animals?!

“My family know how I would want my belongings distributing.”

Remember that Christmas when your dad and brother were fighting over that last roast potato?!  After the loss of their favourite sibling/child do you really think they’ll be in any state of mind to make rational decisions? Furthermore your family don’t get first say, the state does. If you have close friends or a boyfriend or girlfriend it is worth writing a Will to protect their interests.

“I don’t need a Will because I have life insurance or mortgage protection.”

Life insurance or mortgage protection will provide the beneficiary with a hefty pay out once you’re gone but only a Will can distribute your belongings.

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