Stephen Taylor highlights conveyancing issues

High Quality, Low Cost Conveyancing

 Although research has shown that the anxiety of moving house is one of the most stressful life events, it can also be one of the most exciting times if you plan ahead and understand the process.

 Whether representing a first time buyer or an experienced property developer one of the most important decisions that will be made in buying or selling a house is the firm of solicitors to undertake the work.

 Stephen Taylor, Solicitor and Head of Conveyancing at Best Solicitors tries to highlight some of the issues to consider when choosing your Conveyancing Solicitor.

Shop Around

The estate agent will often be the first point of reference in recommending a Solicitor to undertake your Conveyancing work.

Always ask for a written quotation and use this to consider the best price and service.

On receipt of your written quotation it is important to ensure that a full breakdown of the costs has been included.

 At Best Solicitors we believe it is extremely important that we are completely transparent with our clients regarding the costs of our service. If is therefore important to draw a distinction between profit costs, the profit that the firm makes on the file as against disbursements which are the costs incurred as a result of the transaction. For example if Best Solicitors are charged a fee from our bank associated with transferring monies then this fee alone will be passed on to our client. We will not inflate this cost or add any administration charges onto it.

It is important to clarify the value of disbursements that are being charged. Check whether any profit or administration costs have been added.

If a referral fee is being paid to the instructed solicitor, check how much is being paid as the cost will be passed onto you. Again it is a question of transparency and checking there are no hidden costs.

Approachable and friendly

At Best Solicitors we understand how important a property purchase or sale is to our clients. We have recently expanded our Conveyancing department so with Stephen Taylor heading up the team we are more than ready to offer you the best advice in town.

Feel free to come into our walk in centre (no need for an appointment) Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm and Saturdays 10.00am-4.00pm.

 “At Best Solicitors we offer a bespoke service, each file is equally important to us,” says Stephen. “Your case will always be handled by an experienced professional and our team is here to make your property move as smooth as possible”

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