So…St Valentines Day is here

So…St. Valentines Day. The time of year when we all get dragged into booking restaurants, babysitters, and soppy cards.

But it’s also the most popular time of the year for couples to get engaged. With that in mind, we run through some of the main reasons our clients have turned to divorce, so you (hopefully) don’t have to…

1. Lack of communication. A lot of our clients talk about how they felt ‘distant’ from one another. With everyone’s lives seemingly busier and busier, communication can become harder and harder. Our advice? Make time. The stress, heartache and problems that come from an unhappy relationship will be far more time-consuming!

2. Money problems. You’d always like to think that money should never be the be all and end all. The reality is – it can cause major problems. It causes bigger problems when money issues are hidden from one another. I guess that could tie back into ‘communication?’

3. Trust. Trust issues are obvious. Sometimes trust issues stem from insecurity and paranoia. Sometimes insecurity and paranoia stem from trust issues (and causes of!). It goes without saying that where there is no trust, there will be problems.

4. Change. A change in lifestyle and circumstance can cause obvious problems. The panic and stress associated with a change in job, or the birth of a child for example can really take their toll. People rarely consider their relationship properly when making big life decisions. Often people say ‘we’ll be ok’. It’s worth sitting down with your partner and talking about how you can approach a change ‘together’.

And finally…

5. Abuse. Any type of abuse in a relationship, whether it be physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and/or financial is obviously wrong. The hard bit can be actually acknowledging this abuse as fact (on both sides).

Before You Say The ‘D’ Word

When you know, you know but before you consider the “D Word,” speak to an experienced family law and divorce specialist. A divorce lawyer is there to listen and advise and signpost you to other support agencies you may need i.e. counselling etc.

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