Shop in the Name of the Law

Now you can do just that as award winning BEST Solicitors bring Legal Services to the high street.

Cycling through the city centre can be a dangerous business. At least that’s what Donna Tilbrook of Best Solicitors found when she fell off her bike while negotiating shoppers on the high street.

‘My concentration lapsed when I glimpsed a stunning pair of Kurt Geiger sandals in a shop window,’ she admitted. The result was damaged pride, a few bumps and the beginnings of an idea.

‘Visiting a solicitor’s office can be a daunting and time consuming prospect, but why should shopping for legal services be any different from say shopping for a new handbag? Well BEST Solicitors aim to make sure it no longer is,’ says Donna.

From Monday to Saturday, anyone looking for legal services – moving house, making a will, settling a claim, resolving a dispute, seeking guidance about marital or family problems – can simply Shop in the Name of the Law at Best Solicitors Walk-in Centre, Pinstone Street, Sheffield.

BEST Solicitors Walk-in Centre Opens Tuesday May 1st offers everyone – including cyclists – a warm welcome.

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