Is Santa above the law?


After all, we’d all be reaching for the phone if it was anyone else climbing on our roofs and forcing themselves down our chimneys.

John Booth, partner at Best Solicitors, helps to clarify the situation…

‘In theory, the very fact that you’re leaving a mince-pie and shot of sherry for the big guy, implies an invitation, effectively permitting implied license. Be aware though in the land of liability if Father Christmas was to burn his bum on your fire you could be faced with a charge of occupier’s liability. So when leaving the treats don’t forget to dampen down the coals! On the other hand, if you were to put up a ‘Santa Keep Out’ sign, he could be in trouble facing a Civil trespass charge!’

But which ‘bah humbug, would do that?!

Obviously Father Christmas doesn’t work alone – how can he cover the whole world without the help of trusty Rudolph & his friends. Are you now wondering if there is an offence of being drunk in charge of a reindeer? Maybe cut back on the Harveys Bristol Cream…

Throw in the ‘stalking’ issues surrounding St. Nick (what with him watching us all like a hawk to make sure we’ve been well-behaved all year), it’s a good job we all know and love the jolly chap!

We won’t get into ‘Mummy kissing Santa Claus’ and the peak in divorce rates post Christmas…


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