“Quickie Divorce” – Exploring the Myths

Reports in some sections of the media have suggested that TV chef Nigella Lawson will be divorced from her husband Charles Saatchi as part of a so called “quickie divorce” settlement.

The term “quickie divorce” is nothing new.  It has been around for years, and often in the reporting of cases involving celebrity couples.

There is however no legal definition of what constitutes a so called “quickie divorce”.  “The term “quickie divorce” does not give the complete picture”, says family solicitor Stephen Taylor at Best Solicitors.

“I believe that it is important for our clients that they understand the procedure that is involved, which helps to give an appreciation of the timescales in their case”.

“The duration of the case is only one of a number of factors that are important for our clients” says Stephen.

Research has shown that divorce is one of the most stressful experiences that people can go through in life.  At Best solicitors we aim to reduce the stress of this experience and to achieve the best possible outcomes for all of our clients.

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