Personal Injury – The Facts

We are all aware that we live in a world where if there’s blame, there’s a claim. We are constantly inundated through TV, newspaper, radio and online adverts asking us if we’ve been in an accident, or even worse the dreaded phone calls! But if you have actually had an accident that’s caused you injury, what are the options available to you? Join us as we try and cut through the fog to give you the facts about personal injury claims…

  • “No win, no fee” – this often seems appealing and a good selling point to get in touch with a certain claims specialist over another. In reality, no solicitor vying for your work is going to charge you for the initial advice they give. Almost every firm will offer you free, no obligation, advice about your individual circumstances
  • Choose a specialist – personal injury has become a competitive market, so the amount of choice can be overwhelming. Pick an experienced solicitor you trust or who has been recommended, rather than being swayed by a flashy TV adverts
  • Be aware of claims companies – it might surprise you to know that a high proportion of the household names advertising today aren’t solicitors at all, but claims companies. These companies essentially have agreements in place to distribute your claim to one of many law firms on their panel (which is why they are pretty relentless when they’re trying to call you!). This means that your case could be fought by someone you wouldn’t have chosen if given the choice
  • Unhappy with the service – if you’re not satisfied with the service you are receiving from your solicitor during the case you can choose to sign your case over to another firm. The terms and conditions you agreed to in your initial instruction will outline any costs you will be expected to pay before you can transfer your case
  • Don’t wait too long – generally speaking once an individual reaches the age of 18 they have three years to bring a claim from the day they were injured or from the date of knowledge. However this varies from case to case so it is always worth getting some advice from a solicitor

If you would like any help or advice personal injury law please contact us or email

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