Are you experiencing problems relating to children and your former partner – where they are to live, who they are to spend time with, do you have any rights?

Many clients believe that if such problems do arise then they will make an application to court for “custody”, “residence”, “access”, “contact”… – NOT ANYMORE!

From 2014 all applications confirming who a child sees, lives with etc. are made for a “Child Arrangement Order”. Such orders set out in detail all of the arrangements for the children, who they are to live with, spend time with and who has parental responsibility rights.
2014 also saw a change in when applications can be made. No application can now be made unless a referral has been made to a mediation provider for a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting, unless the case involves domestic violence or a child is at risk.
Wendy Bailey, Head of the Family team at Best Solicitors advises, “Many people believe that mediation only applies to those applying for Legal Aid, as in the past, but under the new rules mediation applies to everyone!”
Wendy and the Family Team at Best are here to guide you through the maze of procedures and to help you reach agreements in relation to children problems. If agreements cannot be reached we are here to help you move on to the next stage and help you obtain orders if required.

Date: 8 May 2015
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