New Head of Commercial & Civil Litigation

Stacey Pocock has recently joined the team at Best Solicitors and is keen to dispel the myths surrounding the legal profession

Stacey Pocock is the new Head of the Commercial & Civil Litigation department at Best Solicitors.

She is keen to point out that lawyers are not only there for the bad times – in fact, they can play a huge role in preventing the bad times from happening at all.

“Some people think that lawyers are just there for when something goes wrong,” said Stacey. “Solicitors can actually help you get things right from the beginning. This is one of the reasons I’ve always enjoyed working with start-up businesses. It is important to me that new businesses get the advice they need so they can be certain they are starting out on the right footing and are able to enjoy a positive future.”

Stacey regularly supports clients with business activities such as drawing up partnership agreements, writing terms and conditions of business, reviewing contracts with suppliers and reviewing existing documents for those buying other businesses.

As a civil and commercial litigator Stacey is there to support businesses when things do take a turn for the worse. She regularly advises clients in relation to disputes, debt recovery matters, arbitration and adjudication matters.

Property law is of particular interest and Stacey offers advice to landlords new to the rental market or to clients who are considering purchasing properties to rent out, to ensure they are fully informed and aware of their obligations to their tenants.

Acting on behalf of landlords with the preparation and service of statutory notices is common practice for Stacey. As well as possession proceedings Stacey has a commendable success rate in obtaining possession orders for clients. She works regularly with commercial property landlords and tenants in relation to a wide range of matters including dilapidation claims, rent reviews, service charge disputes and enfranchisement.

“As well as the idea that lawyers are just there for the bad times I think many people have the preconception that lawyers are a bit scary! I’m keen to get across the message that, actually, lawyers are a form of business support. Another myth is that lawyers are always very expensive but that is not the case. We can offer cost-effective solutions tailored to a client’s needs. We don’t necessarily work on a set hourly fee; we can offer one-off advice, have a very limited minor involvement and be really flexible as to the support we give.”

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