Getting Married? Here’s 5 things to consider…


What with all the pressure placed on newlyweds to throw the biggest wedding of the year, with the fanciest cake and the perfect seating plan, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that getting married is actually quite an important deal in legal terms too. We’ve put together our top things to consider before you get hitched – from a purely legal point of view that is of course…..

To prenup…

No, this doesn’t just happen in the movies and it isn’t just about one person protecting themselves. A prenuptial agreement is about drawing up a contract that suits both parties while you are both in love and happy to do it, rather than risking going through a messy divorce and trying to get sorted. No one who gets married likes to think it could end in divorce but a prenuptial agreement is a way of protecting the assets you brought into the relationship.

Or not to prenup…

If you decide a prenuptial agreement isn’t for you but have significantly more money than your future spouse, be aware that it doesn’t matter who has what money or assets or where they are kept, it is all part of the ‘Matrimonial Pot’.

The big day

With studies showing that the average wedding costs over £20,000 in the UK today it’s more important than ever to make sure you are protected. We recommend that you make sure you have a legally binding contract with your larger suppliers and it is also worth looking into wedding insurance.

Do it properly

More of us than ever are choosing to get married abroad. If this is what you’ve got your sights set on, it’s worth doing your research as different countries have different versions of marriage and you might not even come back hitched at all! You’ll still need to register the marriage upon your return to the UK.

Know the tax rules

It’s to your benefit to know the ins and outs of how marriage can affect tax. It’s worth speaking to a tax or financial adviser to make sure you know the score!

If you would like any help or advice on any aspect of tying the knot please contact Best Solicitors, your partner in law, on 0114 281 3636 or email us confidentially on

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