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First Time Buyer

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Buying your first home, as well as being a very exciting time, can also be quite a daunting experience.

This guide will help you understand what you need to do and how to instigate the Legal process.

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First Time Buyers

Before you search for a property it is a good idea to secure funding. This will confirm how much you can realistically afford to pay for a property. You can then begin the process of finding a property you like and are happy with and make an offer via the estate agents.

You may at this stage decide to shop around for legal services and also consider whether you wish to instruct a surveyor.

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Please note your quote does not include Stamp Duty. Please visit the Stamp Duty Calculator to calculate the amount of stamp duty you will be expected to pay and add the figure to your quote below.

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  • Search Pack: £
  • Land Charges Search: £
  • Bankruptcy Search: £ (£3.02 per person)
  • SDLT Form: £
  • CHAPS Fee: £
  • Anti Money Laundering: £ (£5.40 per person)
  • Charges: £
  • Land Registry Fee: £
  • Total: £
  • VAT: £ (our charges only)
  • Total Inc. VAT: £
  • Additional Extras
  • £100 + VAT if leasehold flat plus notice fees and any other management company costs
  • £100 + VAT for shared ownership transactions
  • £50 + VAT to deal with a first registration if applicable
  • £200 + VAT for help to buy transactions

Land Registry fees quoted are calculated using the electronic registration system. Please note there may be instances where we cannot use the electronic registration system but this will be advised during the process.

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  • CHAPS Fee: £
  • Anti Money Laundering: £ (£5.40 per person)
  • HM Land Registry Office Copies: £
  • Charges: £
  • Total: £
  • VAT: £ (our charges only)
  • Total Inc. VAT: £
  • Additional Extras
  • £100 + VAT if leasehold flat plus notice fees and any other management company costs
  • £100 + VAT for shared ownership transactions


The Process:

Secure Funding

It is important to ensure that you have the funding in place before looking for a property. If you are having a mortgage it is good practice to have an offer in principle before making an offer on a property.

Estate Agents

The Estate Agents predominantly act for the Seller and will liaise with both parties Solicitors throughout the transaction. Please note that you have freedom of choice when selecting a Solicitor and do not be pushed into signing any documentation with the estate agents as sometimes they will push a certain company. You do not have to select their choice and we would strongly advise that you shop around.

Instruct Surveyors (if required)

Once your offer has been accepted you need to consider whether you require the services of a surveyor. If you have any queries with regards to the property either with the outside or inside build i.e., cracks in the wall etc., it may be a good idea to have a surveyor check the property to ensure there are no underlying issues.

Legal Services

Once you have made your offer and it has been accepted, the Sellers Solicitors will forward Contract Documentation to your chosen Solicitor and the legal process then begins. Please remember that nothing is certain until Contracts are exchanged.

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If you require any further assistance or a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.

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