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What is a Consent Order?

When you separate from your spouse you can have financial claims against each other. Financial claims can include a claim against a house, savings, pensions or income (spousal maintenance). Many people think that the divorce itself brings the financial claims to an end – it does not. Even years after separation, your assets could be at risk unless you sort out the financial claims within the divorce process. This is a really straightforward process and involves filing an agreed order at the court (called a consent order), and providing to the court some basic information about your finances.

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You should still consider having a financial consent order even if you do not have assets at this stage; who knows what may happen in the future? You may receive inheritance or win the lottery! The consent order is like an insurance policy – it means that you have protection against claims in the future.

If you have done your own divorce, we can still help. The consent order can be filed at court any time after the decree nisi has been pronounced.

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