Consent Orders

During a divorce, it is highly recommended that both parties have a consent order. A consent order protects you against future financial claims from your former partner – claims against your home, pension, savings or income.

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Please understand, following a divorce, this protection is not automatically granted. Only after signing a consent order and filing it with the court are you protected against financial claims.  An incredibly straightforward process, at Best Solicitors, we will guide you through the steps, help you understand your rights and complete all required documents on your behalf.

As your solicitor, we will always:

  • Make sure you understand every step of your case
  • Help you prepare any document required by the court
  • Use easy-to-understand language in all our meetings
  • Act tirelessly on your behalf

4 facts to consider:

  • A consent order can be filed any time after a divorce, even twenty years later. There is no time limit to protect yourself against a future claim
  • Even If your divorce was arranged with another solicitor, or you did it yourself, we can prepare a consent order for you
  • The court will usually deal with the consent order without you having to attend court
  • You can have a consent order even if you do not currently have any assets

Did you know?

Your current earnings and assets are not the only resource a former partner can claim against? – they can also claim against your future earnings or any sudden windfall you might encounter. Pensions are also a marital asset you should seek to protect.

“Every day, thousands of people face financial claims from old partners, and in most cases, it is because the defendant assumed the divorce itself ended all financial commitments to their former partner. It does not. The process of filing a consent order is so straightforward and essentially gives you an insurance policy against huge future losses.” – Alison Gregory, Head of Family Department, Best Solicitors.

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