Equestrian Victory

Best Solicitors is pleased to announce that we have been successful on behalf of our client in winning a case against a negligent vet.

Our client purchased a horse and had full 5* vetting and the vet missed a problem with one of the horse’s legs. Litigation ensued between our client and the Veteran Defence Society and we were able to secure the return of money for the cost of the horse, along with the vet’s fees and ancillary costs.

This case is victorious in the sense that it is notoriously difficult to win cases against vets and sellers of horses because of the “buyer beware” doctrine; in this instance, because a full 5∗ vetting had taken place, the vet should have been aware of the problems of the horse and this failure meant our client was successful.

If you have any equestrian problems or issues in terms of buying and selling horses, or disputes concerning the equestrian world, please contact Best Solicitors.

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