Divorce after Lockdown

The ease of lockdown has seen an increased number of divorce enquiries.

Employment and financial worries only add to the normal stresses of day to day life and this compounded with most being stuck in confinement is really taking its toll.

Some people find themselves feeling anxious, depressed and quite possibly bored. All of these emotions can impact on decision making.

Divorce should never be entered into lightly as the process can, in itself, be very stressful and emotional.

There are other options available, mediation can be a useful tool in helping people resolve their differences.

Mediation is not for everyone, some couples may have already been contemplating separation prior to the recent pandemic and lockdown has only emphasised this.

If you are reconsidering your future and the possibility of legally separating, please do get in touch with our specialist team on 0114 3583134.



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