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Motoring Convictions

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This is a very specialist area of law ranging from receiving a Notice of Intended Prosecution, to Fixed Penalty Notice or Summons – each case will turn upon its own facts.

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What are Motoring Convictions?

The complex nature of motoring offences and the potentially devastating effect that the loss of a licence can have, is not something to be underestimated. For the most serious motoring matters you can go to prison and your case can be sent to the Crown Court for sentence.

Motoring Fee Guide

We can handle all types of motoring cases, and you’ll find our prices to be competitive throughout the Sheffield area.

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Motoring Fees

Motoring matters generally do not attract public funding (legal aid), with the exception of a few offences such as driving whilst disqualified and dangerous driving. Advice and representation in this area is provided on a privately funded basis.
Below is a guide of our fees but we would ask you to note that this is only a guide and actual fees may vary. Each case is assessed on an individual basis and actual fees will be agreed with you at the outset.

Motoring Fee Guide

Free Initial Advice

Free initial advice

General advice regarding an overview of procedure will be provided free of charge. This does not include advice about specific offences or defences.

Case Specific Advice

Case Specific Advice

This includes a conference with you, consideration of your case and advice as to how to proceed in order to achieve the best result for you. If our advice is to plead guilty by post, this would also include a letter of mitigation written on your behalf.

£180 (includes VAT)

Representation on a Guilty Plea in the Magistrates' Court

Representation on a Guilty Plea in the Magistrates' Court

This includes taking your full instructions at your convenience, advice regarding references and representation at the court hearing. The £180 for case specific advice is included in this fee.

£480 (includes VAT)

Representation at a Contested Hearing in the Magistrates' 

Representation at a Contested Hearing in the Magistrates' Court

If following our advice, you were to plead not guilty to an offence or wished to run a special reasons argument, this fee would include taking your full instructions, any necessary site visits and advocacy at all court hearings.

This fee also includes the £180 for case specific advice. All contested hearings are of an individual nature and as such, depending upon the length of the trial, amount of hearings and the complexity of the issues, there may be added fixed fees which will be agreed with you.

Starting at £840 (includes VAT)

Exceptional hardship arguments

Exceptional hardship arguments

This includes a conference with you, advice on the evidence you will be required to provide and advocacy at the hearing.

This fee includes the £180 for case specific advice.

£720 (includes VAT)

Matters which proceed to Crown Court

Matters which proceed to Crown Court

Motoring offences are generally dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court but some cases can be heard at the Crown Court including appeals against a decision made by the Magistrates.

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We can handle a wide range of appeals, please contact for more information.

Starting from £840 (includes VAT)

Crown Court trials, including initial hearings in the 
		Magistrates' Court

Crown Court trials, including initial hearings in the Magistrates' Court

As with contested hearings in the Magistrates’ Court, there may be added fixed fees depending upon the amount of hearings and complexity of issues. Again, these will be discussed with you should the need arise.

Any expert reports or disbursements such as travel expenses are not included in the above fees.

Starting from £2400 (includes VAT)

How can we help?

Our specialist motoring law team is able to advise you regarding any motoring offence including:

  • Accidents – failing to stop and report
  • Careless driving
  • Dangerous driving
  • Drink driving – over the limit
  • Driving whilst impaired by either drink or drugs
  • Driving not in accordance with a licence
  • Driving whilst disqualified
  • Failing to comply with road signs
  • Failing to provide a specimen
  • No insurance
  • Speeding

What can I expect to happen?

In some cases you will be arrested and taken to the Police station. You will be offered free and independent legal advice – at this point you should ask for us and we will attend as soon as the police are ready to interview you.

Alternatively, and most often, you will receive a Summons or Notice of Intended Prosecution. As soon as you receive this document contact us to make an appointment so we can advise you immediately on your case.

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