Coronavirus Act 2020 – Landlords

As a result of the coronavirus epidemic Her Majesty’s government took steps to implement restrictions on our social and working lives to restrict and limit the spread of coronavirus and the covid19 symptoms – such steps were implemented to save lives and protect the NHS.

To implement the restrictions Her Majesty’s Government passed through parliament the Coronavirus Act. This received Royal Assent on 25 March 2020. The effect of the Act is the implementation in the restriction for Landlords to obtain possession from a Tenant.  Through Practice Direction 51Z any possession proceedings issued under Civil Procedure Rules Part 55, which includes possession proceedings and enforcing a writ for possession will be stayed for a period of 90 days.

The effect of this on Landlords is that in the event here is an existing tenant who is behind or a tenant where there is substantial rent arrears, the usually course of action would be to issue the relevant notices to obtain possession. Given the practice Direction of 51Z, a Landlord would not be able to obtain immediate possession to mitigate any losses in claiming back possession.

That being said this does not necessarily prevent a Landlord from commencing proceedings for a money claim against the tenant.

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