Cheating In Exams

As technology advances people seem to be finding more outlandish ways than ever to cheat in exams. In the last 3 years alone, UK universities have caught 50,000 students cheating their way to success. The penalties which include suspension, scoring 0 on the exam, fines and even exclusion. The DVLA has also seen a spike in people paying others to sit their driving test for them, with over 700 cases being reported in the last year. Here’s 6 methods that are sure to get you caught!

  • Smuggling in notes – this is by far the most common method and students have been caught out sneaking in information scribbled on calculators, bottle labels, erasers and even finger nails. Some students have even been found leaving notes for themselves on toilet tissue and asking for a loo break!
  • Hollowing out pens to hide answers – we know, we know, this all sounds very James Bond. But we kid you not, this is pretty common.
  • Ultra violet pens and invisible ink – again another one from a film but some students have been caught out chancing their luck with this one. We’re not sure how you smuggle the UV torch into the exam though…..
  • Using someone else – as mentioned above the DVLA have seen cases of this happening soar in recent years and as a result have been raising the bar for penalties. In 2016 a man caught cheating on his theory test (using a wire device that enabled him to ask someone outside for answers) was sent to prison for 6 months (and he definitely didn’t pass his theory…..)
  • Demand a re-grade – this has to be the most brazen method of all. After their exams were returned, students have been caught going through to change or add content in their answers to make it look like the person marking it had overlooked or misinterpreted something. Then they would go to the professor and ask for a re-grade to get points back.
  • The window technique – we’ve saved the best (and by best we mean most outlandish) till last. At a medical school in India a student was caught passing his exam paper out of the window, where someone not taking the exam was waiting. On the street just outside the college/class a van with a public address system waits. The question paper is delivered to it, inside which a team are seated with books, notes, guides, whatever it takes – who start dictating answers via broadcast!

Our advice? Hit the books and study. Hard work always pays off in the end!

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