COVID19 & Care proceedings/Social Services

Child protection is continuing during the Pandemic.

During the health crisis, social services will still contact you if they have concerns regarding the care given to or the safety of your children.

Social Services may believe they have grounds to ask the Court to make orders in respect of your children, or they just may wish to offer advice and assistance outside of Court proceedings.

The Court and Judges are still accepting Court applications, but they may take place by the internet or telephone and rarely at the court Building.

Legal aid will still be granted automatically in most care proceedings if you are a parent or have parental responsibility for the child concerned. In a few cases this will not be the case and a separate application can be made if you meet the criteria.

If you need help with social services during this time our specialist care department is still open and able to guide you through the process and advise you.

Call us on 0114 3583134 or email 

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