The Best Promise

‘The customer is always right’ is a familiar adage that most of us will have experienced during our working lives. And whilst the saying is somewhat of a cliché, it is true that this approach to delivering exceptional customer service really does make a difference.

 The customer service you receive has a huge impact on your experience and opinion of a company. No doubt everyone has encountered a shopping trip where a helpful sales assistant has gone the extra mile to help them find an item or deal with a query.

But great customer service isn’t just limited to shops, restaurants and call centres. When it comes to the big things, you should expect the best service from your bank, estate agent, solicitors and health professionals.

In particular, when you are paying for a service it goes without saying that you should expect a professional and efficient service. So it is the customer service you receive and the attention to detail that really sets one company above another.

As well as making the whole experience more enjoyable for the consumer, excellent customer service can reap rewards for companies too. People remember good (and bad) experiences and these go forward as either recommendations or warnings to friends and family members. A quality service is often rewarded with loyalty, so companies that go the extra mile will find their customers keep coming back over the years.

This philosophy has inspired the latest campaign at Best Solicitors in Sheffield. The client-focused approach – called Best Promise – revolves around four main points:

  • Guaranteeing open and honest fees
  • Explaining everything in black and white
  • Resolving your case as quickly as possible
  • Keeping you up to date

The new campaign aims to set Best apart from other solicitors by bringing great customer service to the fore. The aim is to ensure that Best delivers a service that customers will remember, along with the expected professional legal advice.

One way that Best already stands out from other solicitors for customer service is their walk-in centre, on Pinstone Street, and Saturday opening hours. They also offer your first consultation for free.

Imogine Turner, assistant manager at the walk-in legal advice centre, sees first-hand how great customer service makes all the difference.

“We are always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves and give people a reason to choose Best Solicitors,” she said. “I think that the Best Promise will do just that as it is about us making a commitment to our clients and setting high expectations that we promise to meet.”We are currently launching a full campaign around the promise, including redesigning the website and posters.”

Putting their best customer service foot forward, Best Solicitors canvassed the public and relied on those opinions to form the basis of the Best Promise.

“The Best Promise is all about being client-focused so we held focus groups with members of the public to find out what they really want from their solicitors,” said Imogine. “The campaign came from what people on the street said they wanted and we have listened and adapted to meet their requirements.”

Visit the walk-in centre (no need for an appointment) from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9.30am-4pm.

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