5 Tips for Booking Your Summer Holiday


If you’re anything like us lot in the Best Solicitors office, you’ll know there’s only one sure fire way to beat those winter blues – booking a summer holiday! What with the endless stream of travel company adverts on the telly recently, you could be forgiven for making a rash purchase. However before you jump in head first, have a look at the things you need to consider before signing up to anything with our 5 ‘Tips for Booking Your Summer Holiday’:

Get travel insurance

In an ideal world you should buy insurance the moment you book your holiday as that way you’re covered if your travel company goes bust before you go, or you have to cancel your trip if you fall ill. Travel insurance is doesn’t have to cost the earth and covers you for expensive medical treatment overseas, as well as emergency flights home and lost or stolen belongings – after all no one wants to lose their favourite kimono before they even land!

The paperwork

Firstly you need to check your passport. Most countries want you to have at least six months before it expires. And if you’re planning your honeymoon, don’t forget the name on your ticket must match the name in your passport. It’s also worth researching whether you’ll need a visa or any vaccinations before you travel

Don’t forget your EHIC 

If you’re travelling to Europe, it’s a good idea to apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – which has replaced the old E111. It entitles you to the state healthcare available in your holiday destination either for free or cheaper than private treatment and is valid in all European Economic Area countries

Let your bank know

Make sure you let your bank know you’re going to a different country. Spending abroad can cause your card to be blocked to stop fraud and you don’t want a stop putting on those bottomless sangrias!

Know your rights

Your rights to cancel a holiday usually depend on the terms and conditions of your booking and your reason for wanting to cancel. For example you might be entitled to cancel the holiday without a cancellation fee if the holiday company changes the holiday or puts the price up after you book

If you would like any help or advice on any consumer issue including holiday purchases, please call Best Solicitors, your partner in law, on 0114 358 3134 or contact us here.

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