4 new laws for 2016

If your household is anything like ours you’ll have probably caught snippets on the news of laws that are changing or new laws that are being introduced, but how much do you really know about them? And more importantly, do you know how they’ll affect your life? We run down some of the bigger changes to UK law this year…

  • Council tax is going up – in England we are about to see the biggest increase in council tax in 8 years. If you live in a property categorised as ‘Band D’ your council tax bill for the upcoming year will increase by an average of £58
  • The National Living Wage – On 1st April this year the National Living Wage of £7.20 an hour was introduced, giving lower paid workers aged 25 and over a pay rise of 50p an hour. There is speculation at present that it might cause employers to stop some of the added employee perks to fund this increase so that’s something to watch out for.
  • Dogs must be microchipped – did you know that at present runaway pooches cost taxpayers and charities approximately £33 million a year? The fun and games of being a dog owner never end and from 6th April this year, all dog owners in England, Scotland and Wales will be required by law to microchip their pet and keep their details up-to-date on an authorised database.
  • State pensions will be paid differently – in a move to make government pensions easier to manage and understand the way you receive your pension will now be different. Instead of a basic state pension plus an additional pension, there will be a flat-rate payment of £155.65 a week. This is an increase from the previous minimum of £120. However to be entitled to the full rate, you need to have paid National Insurance for 35 years, meaning younger retirees could lose out.

If you would like any help or advice on how changes in the law could affect you please contact Best Solicitors on 0114 358 3134 or click here to contact us.

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